A long time ago, XBox, a magical gaming system entered the gaming console fray and upped the ante, taking sony and nintendo by storm. In 2005, the Xbox 360 became a bestseller, and in the US remained so for the last 28 consecutive months. After a lot of rumours and speculation, Microsoft has finally unveiled the Xbox One.

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Behind all the beauty, the Xbox One boasts some impressive stats, being built off x64 architecture. An 8-core CPU. a D3D 11.1 chip with 32MB memory. 8GB of DDR3 Ram. a 500GB hard drive, a blu-ray drive, 802.11n and wifi Direct. USB 3.0 AND HDMI. This console is truly a powerhouse.

While specs are dandy, its often the software that makes the machine; just ask the iPhone. the XBox One has THREE: XBox OS, Windows Kernal and a custom OS for multitasking.

While many have pointed about the XBox One’s less than slim appearance, Wired has suggested the box is supposed to recall the 70’s home electronic aesthetic.

Distancing themselves from both Nintendo and Sony, who have touch screens on their latest console iterations, the Xbox One has stuck with the same, albeit smaller, XBox 360 gamepad. The new controller also has a few surprises. an integrated battery compartment, vibrating trigger buttons, and even instant syncing with the new Kinect.


Microsoft went one further, and unveiled a new Kinect sensor, and its interesting to note how the Kinect has changed. What was merely an accessory has now become integeteral. The XBox One won’t work without the new Kinect. Period.

The new Kinect can read 2 gb of data per second, and it has a 1080p HD camera, which lets it capture a 60 percent wider field of view compared to the previous kinect. It can track joints, skeletons, orientation, muscle movement, up to six faces at once. it can even read your heart beat. It even knows what your doing while sitting down. Its also always on, and listening, so it can answer your voice commands. And its included with the XBox One.

The XBox One not only listens, but understands you. The XBox One can be controlled by voice and gestures. You can ‘Grab’ with two hands and switch from apps and games instantly. It also takes a cue from Windows 8 and lets you ‘Snap’ an app to the side.

As far as games go, the XBox One won’t disappoint. while June’s E3 will showcase many of the upcoming games, many games were announced by microsoft including sequels to Assassins Creed, FIFA, NBA Live, Call of Duty, and Forza Motorsport.

Heres the rub: because the XBox One runs on a different architecture, it can’t play any XBox 360 games. Its also became clear that XBox One requires games to be installed on the console’s hard drive in order to work. If you want to play the game on another console, say your buddys, you’d have to pay a fee.

As a side note, you can play the game while its installing. Neat.

As with any XBox update, XBox Live also gets an update. The gaming service will go from 15k servers to 300k servers, and like everything else, will hit the cloud. All of your games, movies, music and apps will get stored in the cloud.

Part of the real appeal for non-gamers is using the XBox to watch TV, and the XBox One makes it really easy.

“One Guide” will be a central hub, and will have selections such as favourites, and trending. It will remember what you like to watch, and tell you what your friends like too. And its voice-controlled.

Even crazier is the live-action Halo TV series, being created between Microsoft and Steven Spielberg. Football fans can interact with their fantasy teams, while watching NFL games. You can even Skype from your TV.


Microsoft was a little quite on launch details, but said it would be available “later this year”

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