Save your call list with the Backup-Pal


The worst part about loosing your cellphone is often getting all your friends phone numbers again.  Now, you can skip the entire ordeal with Backup-Pal.

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If you get one of these bad boys, if you phone ever happens to fall in the toilet, you just plug in the Backup-Pal into your new phone and it replaces your data like nothing ever happened.  Plug in the Pal into your cell phone, touch a button and your numbers and contacts are automatically backed back into your phone.


There are a couple of other gadgets like this,  most notably CellStik, but Backup-Pal keeps things very simple by avoiding the software aspect completely.  Just back up your numbers and contacts, stick the Pal in a drawer, and upload when you need to.  Backup-Pal comes with a variety of adapters for various phones, and their interchangeable as well – meaning if you ever get a new phone, you’ll have the right adapter to transfer your data.

Backup-Pal comes with whichever adapter you need for between $39 to $50 (you can get additional adapters for extra).  Compared that to the price of a new phone.

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