Samsung’s Space Monitor Could Be the Solution to Your Desk Issues

One of three new monitors set to debut at CES 2019.


Samsung intends to help consumers free up as much desk space as possible and hopes to make it easier for daily computer users to stay organized and orderly with one of its most interesting new creations, the fittingly-titled Space Monitor.

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The Space Monitor is one of three new monitors Samsung plans to formally introduce at this year’s Consumer Electronics Expo — or CES 2019. Samsung’s Space Monitor comes with an adjustable arm that attaches to the edge of a desk and is capable of being moved back and forth as the owners please, aiming to give them a less-cluttered work environment and more desk space. A special cable management system geared towards a tidier and more spacious setup is also being packaged with the aforementioned device. Customers will be available to purchase the Space Monitor in 27-inch QHD and 4K UHD variations.


You can take a look at Samsung’s new Space Monitor above. Samsung will deliver a more detailed breakdown of what the Space Monitor has to offer during next week’s CES event in Las Vegas.

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