Samsung’s Smart Remotes Will Control Your Whole Living Room

Samsung Smart Hub

It’s now the post-holiday seasons, and for anyone who was lucky enough to receive a new TV/Blu-Ray/SoundSystem/anything-technology related, it probably came with a  remote control.  Another remote control.  Another of many, littering the coffee table.  There are several multi-device style remotes you can purchase, but Samsung has a better idea.  Samsung wants to start shipping its products with a  ‘Smart Remote’

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All of Samsung’s 2016 Smart TV’s will come with a  new Smart Control, which will run and control all nearly all devices connected to the Smart TVs.

The Smart Remote will run on a modified version of Tizen OS, and Samsung says this will allow it to control everything from Blu-Ray Players to Game Consoles to Streaming Boxes.

If it works as well as Samsung says it should,

this could make the living rooms of the world much easier to enjoy.

Samsung also plans to overhaul its Smart TV software.  It’s calling the new service Smart Hub, and the concept is to bring content to the main screen, to avoid users having to go into an app to access content.  This is nothing new, but it would be nice to have on a TV

Samsung will announce more hardware, as well as demo some of these features later, at this week’s CES


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