Samsung’s Q30: Faster, Better, Literally Cooler

samsung _ q30 _wb014

Samsung’s new notebook debuts in South Korea next month, but it’s already got everyone’s ears up to head over and reserve one.

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The Q30’s laurels rest on it’s hard disk, which is based on solid-state flash memory rather than a traditional spinning hard drive.  The flash drive’s capacity is only a mere 32 GB, but without those mechanical moving parts, the Q30 is faster – much faster.  According to Samsung, it can run up to four times faster than a mechanical hard disk when accessing data.

Other cool perks include the hard drive being cool enough that the Q30 doesn’t require a fan – making the notebook virtually silent.  Samsung also claims it is more durable, and since flash memory is more energy efficient, your battery will last longer.

It also makes the buyer appear a full foot taller.

However, the Q30 will set up back a hefty $3,700.  A hard price to swallow, but this is Samsung’s first foray into the flash/SSD takeover of our computers.  Prices will drop as the tech and it’s benefits catch on.

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