samsung galaxy-note-4-concept

The newest member of Samsung’s very popular and critically acclaimed Note family is almost ready for a public hands-on. Samsung has suddenly announced pre-orders at Samsung Experience Stores begin today, as well as announcing UK availability for October 10th.

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Pre-Sale Order for the Note4 begin today

The Handset goes on Sale October 10


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was already a standout for Samsung, combining the best features of the previous Notes in one handset, but now that the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus phablet has arrived , the Note 4 stands as the first direct challenger to Apple’s first foray into Phablet territory.

The continuing battle between Apple and Samsung is playing out in market and legal terms, and began in earnest with smartphones. It will be interesting to see how the continuing clash develops as both companies move into new product territory, and only time will tell which brand will rein supreme in the phablet category.

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