Eye tracking? On your phone? This sounds as though it could go horribly wrong.  Samsung has launched the Galaxy S4, a smartphone which will allow users to control its screen using only their eyes. This not only sounds impressive, but the videos that have been popping up with the demos are even more impressive.

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The Galaxy S4 will be rolled out globally at the end of April, and looks as thought it will be topping the sales of the S3, which sold over 40 million units worldwide last year.

Although it can be seen that the world may be getting tired of more and more upgrades to cellphones, as the Samsung shares fell 1.7% in early trade in Seoul, which can by all means relate to the over active mobile industry.

Looking at this phone, it still feels like I would change from the iPhone to use something that at least functions better on Canadian mobile networks, and although the update may seem a little gimmicky with the updated way to scroll with your eyes rather than just your hands, it still seems slightly more interesting. The dual camera feature makes use of the phone’s front and rear cameras simultaneously, blending photos together. The rear camera is boasting a 13-megapixel camera, while Apple’s iPhone only boasts 8-megapixels.galaxy-s4-render-specs,U-M-371758-13

The user-facing camera captures pictures at 2-megapixels and can be used simultaneously, allowing for the photographer to be more apart of the images they take.

The Galaxy S4 weighs 130g, is 7.9 mm thick and has a screen resolution of 441 pixels-per-inch.

Samsung S4 Camera

Sounds like a worthwhile upgrade in some aspects, but also sounds as though many of the current Apple users will be forced to decide between the value of a Samsung and the user-friendliness of the Apple iPhone.

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