Samsung Galaxy Gear Images Leaked?


Over the last week, some images have leaked that purport to show a Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch. The latest entry into a heating up battle, the images showed an oval shaped, slightly clunky device atop a wristband. This isn’t exactly the cool Smartwatch of the future we were expecting

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While the images set social media afire with complaints over its lack of aesthetic appeal, the images have turned out to be merely developer prototypes of the device, set to debut by weeks end.

As a developer prototype, it’s likely the internal specs were up to snuff, however the casing was in fact, still in design flux. Such casings are rarely ever what the consumer recovers by the time the product is ready.

There are many reasons developers change the final design before unveiling a new product -one of them being an attempt to stifle leaks, such as this one.

While we don’t know what the final galaxy gear will look like, we do know a great deal about it: It will have NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. It will also have a dual core processor, a camera, microphone, and speakers and run android 4.3.

It’s also been leaked that Samsung will have a Smartwatch-themed app store or Smartwatch section in an App stores.

This is an interesting point as it suggests that apps will be able to expand the Galaxy Gear’s built in abilities.

[Via Venture Beat]

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