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Robocop Rebuilt for a New Generation

Robocop Rebuilt for a New Generation

Robocop is coming back to the big screen next year, but you can get yor first glimpse of the reboot right now.

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The first trailer released for the sci-fi classic goes along way to satisfying faithful fans of the original, while carving out a unique niche.

A new paint job is just one of the new tweaks, but the story remains the same. An officer of the law, near death, is given a second chance by being turned into a cyborg. After becoming a robot / human thing, officer Murphy realizes there is a price to pay for his new lease on life

The illusion of free will us obvious and the message of the original movie maybe be more timely now then ever before.

When the original movie was made, the Internet was still unknown, wifi was just a dream, and robots simply didn’t exist. Much of the 1980s science fiction has become science fact – even merging a human mind with a robot shell is being worked on at reputable labs. With the film taking place in 2028, maybe the message has become a warning we would do well to heed.

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