Ring, one of the first video doorbell IoT companies to emerge as a big name, has dropped a big update to it’s iOS app.  Ring Version 5.3.2 took user feedback into it’s update and is offering some big new features.

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If you need some peace, hit the snooze, and it will disable Ring’s alerts for a set period of time – you can set between 15 minutes and 2 hours.  If the doggo is outside, you won’t get any alerts.

New Custom App Alerts

You can set a unique alert for each Ring, so you know which alert is coming from where.  There are also new tones.  You can choose an alert, for example, that says “Motion at your Front door” whenever there’s someone at the door.

In-App Notifications

Instead of a video loading automatically, you can choose to answer or dismiss right from the app.

Read more in Ring’s Blogpost here

The Ring app for iOS is available for update in the Apple Store

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