A few months after the first successful test run from Hyperloop One, the forward-thinking company — which was first made popular by Elon Musk back in 2013 —  has received a major makeover courtesy of a high-profile new investor.

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Virgin Group founder and world-renowned billionaire Richard Branson has invested in Hyperloop One and joined its board of directors, leading to the arrival of the newly-christened “Virgin Hyperloop One.”

“As a train owner, I felt this is something that I want to be able to operate…At the moment our trains are limited to 125 miles an hour… There are consumers, for instance, that would love to go from London to Edinburgh in roughly 45 minutes. And that will be possible [with hyperloop].” – Richard Branson

Branson breaks down the simplicity of the process, sharing high hopes for realizing the potential of his new investment. “You can have a pod outside your office that you and your colleagues can jump into. The pod can self-drive to the top of the tunnel. It then goes down the tunnel. It connects up and off you go at 600, 700 miles an hour up to your destination, going faster than an airline.”

At present time, Virgin Hyperloop One is estimated to have a value of around $700 million USD — Branson has yet to reveal the dollar amount attached to his own investment.

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