Revolights Launches its Second Kickstarter Project

Since the successful completion of its first Kickstarter project where the Revolights team raised


Since the successful completion of its first Kickstarter project where the Revolights team raised funds exceeding $200,000 USD from more than 1,400 investors in 2011, the revolutionary Californian bike lighting innovators have been busy cooking up more good ideas.

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This leads to news today announcing a second Kickstarter project–Revolights Wheels. Riding on their previously designed, developed, manufactured and now-patented Revolights bike lighting system from the first project, this second project will make internationally available easy-installation ‘Tron’-lit wheels that create the same 360 degree visibility and forward projection as before.

These wheels require minimal installation — just put them on your bike, mount your magnets and ride. To celebrate its newest innovation, Revolights is also partnering with San Francisco-based custom bike builder Mission Bicycle Company – a fellow Kickstarter alumnus — to offer as one of their Kickstarter rewards the ultimate commuter bicycle.

The Valencia will come fully equipped with Revolights Wheels. Join the Revolution.

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