Review // CyberBike For Wii

CyberBike for Wii Review

Today I had to help setup a cyberbike for the nintendo wii, so here’s my opinion on it.

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The bike seems pretty study, the body is made of white plastic to as a guess match the wii, on the handlebars are thumb sticks and different buttons, these work as a gamecube controller. The bike connects with a cable from the front of the bike to the 1st gamecube controller connector on the wii.98977-games-news-cyberbike-brings-exercise-bike-accessory-to-nintendo-wii-image1-rJQLx61TlD

The game itself that comes with it loaded up all ok, you then have to setup a profile, this is where some problems started, after you have setup your basic profile you have to set your pedaling strength, you have to pedal for 20+ secs, but we noticed pedaling wasn’t showing up on the screen, tried again but no luck, restarted game and set wii controller as main control, but still no joy, the manual for the game itself doesn’t even say anything about the bike as a controller, after a quick check in the photocopied bike manual, there is a switch on the handlebars that has gc or sb on, the bike was setup to gamecube controller mode, change the switch reset game and all ok.

The game itself has mainly to modes a story mode and exercise mode, the story mode gives you different challenges to do in the four separate worlds, they are submarine, normal bike, helicopter, and a mine cart, well these are my explanations of the worlds. the exercise mode you choose your type,time ,world, difficult and then play. You get a on screen display depending on mode of your time, distance, speed and calories burnt, we played around with a few modes over about 30mins and some did seem fun to play.

The different modes are pretty good using the bike handlebars to steer and the more faster you pedal the bike the faster you go on the screen. The bike to be honest is not that comfortable to sit on and if  you not wearing trainers or some footwear can hurt the bottom of your feet and because of no pedal straps you feet can easily come off the pedals.


Even with the problems with the setup of the bike and the slight problems with seat and pedal that could be over come with a cushion and some straps, think this is a fun exercise bike, as you get great interaction from the different on screen games, and at just under £100 from argos (home order only) not a bad buy if you have a wii and are looking for a fun exercise bike / game. But if you are just looking for a normal exercise bike there are probably better made ones out there. But because this uses fun games gives you more of an incentive to use it.

I have found the instruction manual for the cyberbike you can download from our downloads section HERE, this is a copy of the original instructions, so copyright belongs to the manufacturer of the cyberbike and not myself, this is useful if you have lost your original instructions.  I now don’t have access to the cyberbike anymore, but if anyone still wants to leave comments or ask for help please do so and I may still be able to help or other people that read this article maybe able to help.

Remember this exercise bike does connect to the gamecube connectors on the top of the original wii console, and that if you have the newer models from mid 2011 ie the the wii light, these cat time of writing this amendment came in blue. If you have the wii light then you cannot connect this version of the cyberbike, if you are not sure what version of wii you have, if the wii is standing upright ie the dvd slot is vertical look at the top of the wii if there is a flap with four round connectors then you can connect up if not you have the cut down wii light and you cant connect the cyberbike to it.

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