RetroFuturism: The Phillips Video 2000 VCR


Philips and other manufactures did a video system called Video 2000.This was first released in 1982. The V2000 format could record on tapes that where double sided ie could turn a 4hr tape into an 8hr tape by turning the cassette over (just like a audio tape). This format did well to start but the popularity of the VCR VHS format took over and the format died.

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The 2020 was the very first V2000 VCR to be sold in the UK. By todays standard the VCR still appears to look high-tech despite its large size ( 54cm x 36.5cm x 15.2cm ) and its great weight ( 17.5kg ). One reason for its great mass was the two large AC mains motor which were used for the tape transport.

Philips video 2000 v2020.7

Like all V2000 VCR’s this model used Dynamic Track following which meant that there was no external tracking control. The tracking was performed electronically and the video heads followed the correct path guided by the action of the piezo-electric crystals they were mounted on.

The VCR did not have picture search or picture still modes but did feature a goto function which enabled the any part of a recorded tape to be easily located by means of key-pad mounted on the front panel. The key-pad was also used for timer/clock setting and was easy to use avoiding fiddly clock up/down buttons as found on other format VCRs.

Philips video 2000 v2020.7

Along side the tape counter/clock display was the channel display which indicated which of the 99 internal preset channels was tuned at any time. Most V2000 models were aimed at the European model and therefore had VHF/UHF multi-band tuners. Another feature available on the front panel was an auto-rewind function which when enabled would cause any tape to rewind when the end was reached. This was extremely useful if the VCR was left in record mode.

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