Retreivor, The TINY GPS tracker.


Hollywood movies make it seem like getting a GPS transponder is no big deal, but in the real world, tiny GPS responders that happen to stick to the underside of any car on the move, or slip into a jacket pocket are hard to find.  That’s all set to change if a new project on IndieGoGo meets its goals to become the first miniature GPS responder that would can find anywhere on the globe.

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Retreivor is a miniaturized GPS transponder module equipped with small solar panels on one side, making it not only super small, and super practical, but also self-changing.

retrievor-gps app retrievor-gps retrievor-gps

Put the Retreivor on anything you want to track and all locations data and GPS coordinates will be wirelessly sent to the cloud, where you can find them in real-time, via Retrievor’s website.

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