A report from DigiTimes early this week has come out suggesting Apple is working on a low-cost version of its ubiquitous iPhone, which could be launched as early as 2013.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed the story on Tuesday, saying the price could be reduced by using less expensive parts, such as building the shell from recycled older iPhones.

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Both DigiTimes and the WSJ have cited that the low-cost iPhone would have a larger screen than even the iPhone 5.

Apple has often been criticized for its high-priced products.

Could Apple be designing an iPhone that costs much less?

And will they aim such a device at a growing Chinese market?

The plan seems to make sense, as recent times have seen Apple trying to increase its market-share in places like China and India, where the high price of the new iPhone models have been a concern. The WSJ went on to say Apple has been developing such a product for years, but had not decided how to “move forward”.

Such a device could position Apple in a better spot to fight Android smart-phones, which have become increasingly popular in said markets. Many industry experts have pointed to India and China as being huge, newly opened markets for the mobile crowd, and 2012 saw China grow quickly and become the second-largest market for iOS.

[Via The WallStreet Journal]

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