Report: iPhone 5C To Be Made From Plastic?


September 10th is quickly approaching, and Apple will officially unveil…something.  It is widely expected that Apple will show off its iPhone 5C, a rumored budget iPhone made with plastic bodies. As the date approaches we are slowly learning more and more about what we might see from the 5C.

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According to Chinese-based blog Apple Daily, we might be seeing a little color for the new iPhone.  The site claims to have gotten their hands on a case for the 5C and claim is it incredibly scratch-resistant.

The website has also confirmed a few rumors being thrown around:  the 5C is expected to be thicker than the iPhone 5, and the 5S will launch alongside the 5C with three colors.  It is rumored Apple will have a gold color option.

Japan’s Nikkei daily newspaper has reported

both the 5C and the 5S will launch September 20th in Japan,

which would be a mere 10 days after the announcement,

which is about in-line with previous iPhone launches.

[via Apple Daily]

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