Replace Water in Batter with Coffee for better Cake.

Coffee and Cake

Boxed Cake mix will never be as good as homemade from-scratch dessert, but it IS fast, easy, and convenient.  If you make Cake from a box, make it better by swapping out the water in the recipe for coffee.  It’ll change your life.

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You can actually use leftover coffee for this trick, or brew a fresh pot.  If you use fresh coffee, make sure to let it cool before use – this trick will make sure you can a richer, nuttier flavour out of the coffee.  As much as you think this will make any cake taste like coffee, but the flavours really work, even if its not a traditional chocolate cake.

Simply switch the water in any recipe with the same amount of coffee – or go half as much if you are worried about the coffee being overpowering.  Taking this trick further, you can use other Kitchen Staples to make boxed dessert mix taste amazing – try using milk, liquors or, surprisingly, mayo.

Check out the link below for more tricks.

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