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Razer Built a Crazy Laptop With Three Monitors

Razer Built a Crazy Laptop With Three Monitors

PC gaming may not usually make its way to our viral pages, but some creations are just too crazy to pass up. Such is the case with Razer ’s latest gaming laptop. Unveiled today at CES, the computer is perhaps one of the more ambitious setups to ever see the light of day. Dubbed Project Valerie, the high-powered prototype offers three built-in displays, each of which measures 17.3 inches with 4K resolution (11520 x 2160 total).

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The trio is artfully incorporated into the lid of the main chassis with the two displays on the ends sliding out and into position under their own power to create a full 180-degree viewing area that comes powered by NVIDIA’s Surround View technology. Other details include the likes of an all-aluminum case, Razer ’s own short-throw keyboard and compatibility with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. All of that capability comes with a tradeoff, though: the prototype weighs almost 12 pounds and is about 1.5 inches thick.

Pricing and availability — not to mention CPU, GPU and memory specs — remain under wraps, but here’s to hoping Project Valerie makes it out of the prototype stages and hits shelves sometime in the near future.

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