Razer Announces First Wearable

Razer Nobu

Razer is predominantly a computer peripherals company, manufacturing mice, keyboards, and the like. But the announcement of the Razer Nabu signals a small shift to a broader market.

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Looking like it just stepped out of an early cyberpunk movie, Nabu is a hub in bracelet form. Able to connect to your phone and social media sites, not only will it tell you if something is happening, it will do it discreetly by vibrating, and simply having the information appear on the bracelets OLED screen.


If someone is calling you, Nabu will tell you. If someone posts on your Facebook wall, Nabu will tell you. If someone retweets your tweet for the 17th time, Nabu will tell you. Nabu will even let you know if someone you know that also has Nabu is near by.

But the possible applications of the Nabu go further than that. With the proper app support, it paves the road for a whole universe of utility. What if you could pay for your groceries just by picking them up and leaving the store? What if you’re lost in the woods and you just tap a button, and the local authorities have your GPS location? No, Nabu can’t do all that (yet) but it’s a move in that direction.


Although no public release date has been announced, Razer has a developer’s kit available for $49 USD, with the goal of getting as many apps developed for the high-tech bracelet as possible.

[Via Razer]

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