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Put Your Google Chrome on Steroids

Put Your Google Chrome on Steroids

Google Chrome is one of the best internet browsers on the planet, there’s no doubt about that; but, what if I told you that you can make your Google Chrome experience even better? Would you believe me? Maybe, or maybe not, but I urge you to think about it after I inform  you on how you can make your Google Chrome experience so good that it feels like Chrome is on steroids.

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First things first, it’s a known fact that we all hate ads. To get rid of ads on and block popups on websites you visit, and even within YouTube videos; head over to https://getadblock.com/ and simply click the “GET ADBLOCK NOW” button. It’s that simple. Please do consider donating to the beautiful couple Michael and Katie for creating this amazing extension to help us surf the net without bothersome ads. They do depend on donations to keep the extension updated.

Shortcuts for Google



Now that you have ads out of the way, it’s time to make accessing Google Services, such as Gmail, Drive, Google+, Play Store, etc easier to access from anywhere in the browser. To do this, you’ll need to download and install the Shortcuts for Google™ extension to your browser. There are over 250 shortcuts you can configure on the extension after you’ve installed it. Not only that, you can even configure your own custom shortcuts. To do that, just click on the extension icon and then click settings.


Google hangouts


Now that you’ve made your life easier with shortcuts that are right at your fingertips, it’s time to install the hangouts extension to easily connect with your friends via Google Hangouts. If you’ve used hangouts before you already know what it is and how it works. This extension will allow you to easily message your friends through hangouts when you’re on your computer, without having to open up Google Plus. To install the extension just click here. Like anything Google, your conversations will be synced between all your devices, so you don’t have to worry about where you left off.

Turn Off the Lights

Turn Off The Lights Extension


I’m sure you spend a lot of time watching internet videos, I do too. This neat little extension, Turn Off the Lights, will enhance how you view video content online. What it does is pretty simple, it turns of the lights on the webpage, so your video kind of pops out and you don’t hurt your eyes with all the white in the background. Not only that, but the extension comes packed with features that you can configure just by right clicking the extension icon and then clicking options.

Hover Zoom

hover zoom extension


Say you’re on facebook, or even searching up some pictures on Google and you don’t want to have to click on the picture and leave the current page and come back to it again; this is where Hover Zoom comes in. With Hover Zoom, all you need to do is hover your courser over the picture you want to see large and the picture will pop up. It’s that easy. Now, you never have to click on your friends profile to see his/her profile picture and you can hover over someone’s Twitter avi and decided if they’re “hot” enough to follow, without having to visit their profile.


Honey Extension


This sweet little extension will save you money. When you’re shopping online and you’re at checkout, honey will give you coupons you can use to save a few bucks off your purchase. Honey supports thousands of websites so you have plenty of options. When you’re on a shopping site and if that site is supported by Honey, the Honey icon on Chrome will become yellow. Saving money feels good and honey will definitely help you with that. Head over to http://www.joinhoney.com/ and simply click “Install for Chrome”

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