The latest update to Pokemon GO began dropping for iOS device, and it’s bringing some bug fixes and improvements to the mobile game.  Along with several fixes, players will be excited to a see a long-overdue patch for the infamous berry bug

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Most of the fixes in this update are fairly minor, but you can now search through your Pokemon by ‘Lucky’ and the beginning of a long-awaited QR codes for friending, instead of having to type in long strings of numbers.

Here’s whats new in version 1.85.4:

New search term: “Lucky”
New notification system (for friendship actions, etc. Entirely new UI, often click-able)
New setting for hiding ‘Recently Caught Pokémon’ from friends
Many bug fixes and performance updates (including the famed ‘berry bug,’ scrollbar fixes, a major Unity version bump, etc)
QR code friend codes

Players may want to wait to update the app, until it’s clear it’s a stable update.  Many users who updated right away began reporting that the app was crashing on launch, so if your looking to complete a Johto quest, or hunt down a shiny, hit the pause button briefly.

Usually the app stabilizes within a day of a new update, so players should wait a few more hours if they are feeling nervous.

Check back in for more news and updates throughout the rest of the weekend. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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