The ‘Pokémon GO’ Buddy System Goes Live

While a new ‘Pokémon Generations’ series is set to hit YouTube.

pokemon-NX Pokemon Buddy system Pokemon Go Buddy System

Announced in early September, the Pokémon GO Buddy system is now live. As promised, players can pick out a favorite Pokémon and become best friends with them, allowing for in-game rewards. The update from Niantic Labs will have your PokéBud dropping extra candy that can be used for evolving and powering up the other monsters in your inventory.

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The latest addition also includes some much-needed bug fixes and support for the “Go Plus” accessory, an alert for nearby Pokémon and powerups, which launches next week. Niantic Labs also keeps its promise to ban cheaters by kicking jailbroken devices out of the game.

If this doesn’t help you to jump back on the Pokémon wagon, be sure to check out Pokémon Generations, a new series of animated Pokémon shorts hitting YouTube on September 16.

Each episode runs 3-5 minutes long, delving deeper into the stories of the original game. The first episode lands at noon this Friday. Check out the trailer below.

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