The Poke Radar App Will Help You Beat ‘Pokemon Go’

Catching ‘em all just got a lot easier.


It comes as no surprise that Pokemon Go is sitting at the No. 1 spot on the Apple App Store. What’s sitting at the No. 2 spot? Poke Radar, a new iPhone app (an Android version is currently in the works) that allows players to find and catch those rare Pokemon to complete their collection. Taking submissions from other players to shed insight into where to find Pokemon, the app is run by the Pokemon Go community so is not entirely immune to trolling.

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To avoid falling for these tricks, simply click on a Pokemon’s icon and you can see who posted the tip and rating. If you see hard-to-believe locations with low ratings, chances are you’re better off looking someplace else. The app also allows you to filter your search to see where certain types of Pokemon appear and what time of day is best for your search. Now there are no more excuses to “catch ‘em all.”

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