If you’re anything like me, you enjoy coming-of-age stories but without any sort of fluffiness or melodrama. I’m not sure why I enjoy stories with non-adult protagonists: perhaps for the sake of nostalgia, relate my own memories as I read them, or the bond of empathy I form with these individuals who have a lot more to lose. Someone who hasn’t even finished school, fell in love, or started a career. Someone who at present has no full control over their own destiny. Probably all these reasons put together.



In comes “I Kill Giants”, the story of my favourite heroine to date, Barbara Thorson. This quick-witted fifth-grader comes prepared for every battle; whether defending herself through her witticism, or with the magical Norse war hammer she has hidden in her purse, she’s ready for both bullies and Giants. When she’s not drawing away in class, you can find her battling Giants in her free time. So she says, but where does the fantasy end and reality begin? What 0f the nightmarish creature hiding in her attic?

i-kill-giants more

I cannot recommend this comic enough. There are only seven issues, thus saying too much would spoil the experience. The issues are several leagues above being ‘short and sweet’. With every new issue, a new layer is tenderly peeled off of Barbara. By the third layer of this particular onion, it was particularly difficult to keep my tears in check. The less I tell you about the comic, the more there is for you to find out.

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