Though not always proud of the matter, I am one of the thirty-million consumers who purchased a Playstation 4 early in its life-cycle. I was hoping that Sony’s philosophy “Best Place to Play” would ring true. It didn’t, and we have Playstation Network to blame for it. Ever since they debuted the Playstation Network there have been complaints about the service. Legitimate complaints, mind you: network-availability, trophy-sync, server upload and downloads.

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Consumers are justified now more than ever to demand better network service.

Now that Playstation Plus is essential, we should expect better.

The Network is extremely unreliable. Though it works most of the time, we always expect it to be down, and when it is, no one’s surprised. I once asked a colleague of mine in June of 2013 how the PS4 measured up for him (this was a month before I bought my own). His response was short, but all-encompassing: “The Store loads up so fast.” “What really?” I replied. “I’m sold.”

As for the scheduled maintenance, if they are in fact “scheduled”, why are we always informed so late in advance? As someone who has all three major platforms – Xbox, PC, and PlayStation – I have never experienced a shutdown of the Xbox Network, even though it’s clearly being rigorously maintained and updated. Go take a class at the Xbox Live Network offices if it’s so difficult. They could learn.


Sony could not care less for their consumers when it comes to their Network, and they’ll probably keep it that way.

They’ve allowed our standards of their service to drop, thus giving them leeway to do the bare minimum household, rather than actively try to redesign. To think they can’t even give us the simple option to change our PlayStation ID names in 2016. Sony better bring something to the table come E3. I’ve already started playing most of my third-party games on the Xbox One.

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