PhoneDrone, The Flying smartphone exoskeleton


The jury is still out on whether this is a good idea or great idea, but the more we write about it, the better it sounds.  PhoneDrone is basically an exoskeleton for your phone that turns it into an autonomous quadcopter / drone thingy.  At first, this sounds a bit sketchy.  Who even would want this?  The answer is me.

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Who is their right mind would choose to spend more money to put propellors on their phone so it can fly?

It doesn’t even sound safe, so this is definitely a bad idea.  Unless…it’s secretly an amazing one.

The problem with Drones

The problem is that drones have ALOT of gear inside them.  They need to carry motors, propellors and batteries for flying, sure, but they also need a great high-resolution camera, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFI, Radios, and an on-board computer to power all it’s fun bits.  This is also the reason it can be had to find a solid drone for under $500.

All this tech is what makes drones so expensive, so instead of building a drone with that tech inside of it, xCraft, the company behind PhoneDrone, has designed this flying piece that will leverage all the smart sensing and camera power you already have bought and paid for – and carry around in your pocket.

In doing so, they have created the PhoneDrone, and it only costs about $250.  Lets get flying.

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