Parody Video Makes Glass Seem Hilariously Stupid [VIDEO]


Google Glass is Google’s take on the future – an augmented reality, a connected world, and a better life. But what would wearing those damn things be like in real life? Tom Scott put together this parody, suggesting the future is clumsy.

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Tom Scott’s “Google Glasses: A new way to hurt yourself’ is a parody of Google’s Glass. Voice controls don’t distinguish sarcasm, augmented reality overlaps real life, and you get the worst notifications.

This video also highlights something Google hasn’t touched on yet: ads. Will Glass have those annoying pop up Google Ads?

While it is a parody, the video does bring up many questions still not answered: Will we have to pay? How will the ads work? Will we get ads? How will we go about our lives wearing these damn things?

The takeaway here is that, even though are future may be bleak and ad-ridden; at least we can still poke fun at it.

[Via YouTube]

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