OWC Announces Aura Flash Storage Upgrades for MacBook Pro

OWC Update SSD MacBook Pro

To all owners of Macbook Pros and Airs: there are memory upgrades available for your devices. OWC developed SSDs for your device. They range from 480 GB to 1TB. Now you can afford to hold more on the go, be it music, videos, documents, etc.

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The only downside to this news is the price. OWC’s 480 GB memory will be 400$, the 1TB is 650$. The price does include instructions and a do-it-yourself tool kit, for you…to do it yourself. In addition to this, it ships with enclosures for you to connect your old Macbook drive.

Apple has never been cheap: these prices are to be expected.

You can always afford a new Macbook, but that will set you back further.

Tier-1 Flash – Aura SSDs use only top-rated flash for amazing performance and dependability.

Superior Error Correction – Three-level error correction with low-density parity checks provides significantly improved reliability, and RAID-like protection for your data.

Cell-Level Data Refresh – Aura’s powerful embedded processor monitors and re-writes data blocks as needed to maintain correct charge at the cell level, improving the integrity of your data and extending the life of your drive.

Global Wear-Leveling – A global wear-leveling algorithm helps evenly distribute data across your SSD cells, extending the life of your drive by preventing any section of flash from getting worn out prematurely.

[OWC via MacRumors]

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