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For iOS:  Starbucks has had a solid mobile app for some time, but its did offer much beyond tracking the balance on your card and looking up store locations.  The newest version for iOS lets you order and pay for your caffeinated beverages ahead of time, letting you skip the line at your local shop.

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If you already have a Starbucks account and a connected card, the setup process is really easy.

Just download the App from the Apple Store, and login with your existing credentials.  If you don’t have a Starbucks account, you will have to create one and link a new card to get going.  Alternatively, you can link an existing Starbucks gift card you may have lying around from the Holidays.

The only thing missing from the experience is the music and atmosphere of physically being at a Starbucks

Starbucks iOS App order and pay

From there, just tap on the “Order”.  You pick the store you want to pick up from, and then go get your coffee fix.  You can customize your oder easily, and then pay via the app.  It even tells you when your drinks should be ready.  The app even goes so far as to remember your most frequently ordered drinks and favourite customized beverages.

The function is still in beta, so its fairly basic, but it will do the trick in a pinch.  Moreover, its a fun way to get coffee, and for those who hate lines up, probably will save some time and headaches.

Download the app below and give it a try yourself

[Starbucks App via Apple Store]

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