OnePlus RMA process: A customer service review

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Initially I ordered my phone on June 25 and had my phone on June 27 due to the fact that I missed the shipment on June 26. I was very impressed with Plus when I found that my phone was out for delivery the NEXT day. For a start-up, it is impressive, to be able to provide such an extensive level of services. Anyway, I got my phone on the 27th and started using it as soon as I got it. Everything about the phone had a “wow” factor to it, it was literally the best phone I’ve ever purchased. This phone was a BEAST, or so I thought.

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After the few days of using the phone, I started noticing a yellow band at the bottom of the screen, I didn’t see it there the first couple of days, I thought I got lucky to get a unit without this problem. Turns out, I spoke too soon. So on July 1st I emailed support about this issue and they got back to me on July 3rd saying they will forward the request to a specialist. At this point I was like, cool that’s awesome and I expected the ‘specialist’ to get back to me within that day; this of course didn’t happen. I’m a fairly patient person so naturally I waited but did send 3 follow-up emails, just in case they forgot about me. Finally, someone got back to me on July 7 asking for the IMEI number of my phone as well as pictures of the screen. I did what I was asked.

After they looked at my picture they said that it wasn’t a screen defect.

The email I got is as follows:

Based on the photo, we cannot say that your screen is defective. As you may know already, due to our hardware design. Our screens are lit from the bottom instead of from underneath, and to minimize bezels we place the light sources very close to the edge of the screen. To prevent excessive light leakage, the bottom edge is designed to be slightly opaque, which is why it appears yellow from certain angles. You mentioned earlier that it was spreading – is this still the case?

We cannot guarantee that another unit would have less of the coloration you see. There are also tips from our community which address this: If, however, you are unsatisfied with your OnePlus One, we are happy to offer you a refund.

Regarding heat – this is software issue which is usually the result of a 3rd party app running in the background (not visible in the multitasking view). You can see what’s using your battery by going into Settings -> Battery, and see if you can identify a problematic software.

Let me know if you have other questions!

Kind regards,

– Andy

At this point it had been 7 days since I opened the ticket and over time I did see a little improvement on the yellow so I thought it would go away. But the yellow wasn’t the problem anymore…

The phone started to heat up while doing normal tasks like, browsing, texting, tweeting…etc. This kind worried me so I addressed this issue as well on the email with the screen pictures. Andy, said it could be because of some problematic software running in the background. But, I’ve had this exact same issue with my Nexus 5 before and Google gave me troubleshooting steps, which I also tried on the OnePlus One. Things like, uninstalling apps, resetting the phone, etc. However, this did not help at all.

At this point, OnePlus agreed to replace my phone with a new one and I was told to file a RMA which I’ve already done earlier but it was stuck in the “pending approval” state. I emailed saying there’s an RMA on my file and Wilona was kind enough to approve it.

On July 9 the RMA was approved and I was told that the phone will be picked up.

So I replied with:

Hi Wilona,

Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry to bother again, I have another
question. I’ve updated times that is good on my end in order to pick up the
device. I was just wondering how long would this whole process take? So I
can arrange for a phone to use until I get the replacement.

Please let me know.
Thank you,

The reply was:

I’m terribly sorry for any inconvenience, we could not offer you a temporary phone to use. We will pick up you old phone very soon, and arrange to ship your new phone as soon as possible. Hope for your understanding.

Best regards,

Of course, I knew I was going to be out of a phone for a while until I got the replacement. Thankfully, I found an old Blackberry Curve 9360 at home and have been using it since.

Never Settle, OnePlusOne
Never Settle

The company that was contracted to pick up the device was TNT. They called me that same day while I was at work to see if the package was ready to pick up. I had NO CLUE they would call me the very next day. Since I didn’t have the package ready that day I asked if I can reschedule, they of course said yes and gave me a booking number. I called back the next day and asked if they can pick up from my home after work, but they don’t do that. So I had to keep going back and forth the whole day to arrange the pickup at work. Finally, I arranged the pickup for July 11 since I had a conference to attend on the Thursday. Anyway, TNT gave me a lot of paperwork that I had to sign for the pickup. Of course, a heads up from OnePlus would have been nice with regards to this process.

After a lot of calls to TNT I managed to schedule the pickup for Friday July 11. They came to my work mail room at 1:30PM and picked up the package. I was very happy with TNT’s customer service. Amazing company. I like them better than UPS now, but that’s besides the point.

This is just the LONG process I had to go through to get an RMA for my device. The tread is intended to be informative, so you guys know what you’re getting into if you want to RMA. I’m very disappointed at OnePlus’s customer service, I do hope it improves over time. I wish they would do what EVERY OTHER manufacturer does; send you a replacement first with a paid shipping label for you to send back the defective device.

OnePlus ’s customer service does not live up to that of the big companies, I only hope that it improves as the company grows.

Their RMA service does WORK but you would have to be willing to go through a very lengthy process. I can say that for me, it was worth it.

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