Obama Signs Biotech Protection Bill

obama bill monsant

US President Barack Obama has a signed a bill into law that gives the go-ahead to plant, grow and sell GMO crops. The bill was written by US Senator Roy Blunt, who had help crafting the legislation – from Monsanto.

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The Bill, which deals with both Genetically Modified Organisms and Genetically Engineered Foods, was approved by both the House and Senate and has become known as the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’.  250,000 people signed a petition asking the president to veto the bill.

Buried 7 pages into the legislation lies a specific provision that lends protection to biotic companies from litigation.

According to an article published last week in the New York Daily News, US Senator Roy Blunt “worked with Monsanto to craft the language in the bill”.  Blunt is the senator from Missouri, which also happens to be the home of Monsanto itself.

While the jury is still out on GMO foods, many arguments for and against have come up, with many countries, especially in Europe, banning GMO foods from store shelves entirely. Is this an example of Political Corruption, or do GMO foods really have our best interests at heart?

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