It’s Now Cheaper to Replace a Cracked iPhone Screen with AppleCare

Is AppleCare+ worth buying again?

cheap-phone-screen-replacement-0001 AppleCare

Fresh off the unveiling of the new iPhone 7Apple has quietly made some changes to its AppleCare+ extended warranty. Though the updates weren’t mentioned on stage, the new changes did not go unnoticed. In the past Apple charged $129 USD to purchase the protection plan which now only costs $99 USD to cover.

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For replacing a shattered screen, it will now only cost you $29 USD compared to $99 USD Apple previously had in place. However, if the screen is damaged outside of the U.S., customers will still need to pay a fee of $99 USD for replacement and those who are not covered by AppleCare+ will need to pay between $129 USD and $149 USD.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to consumers in regions where AppleCare+ is unavailable. With the new iPhone 7 being waterproof, at least that’s one less worry on our plate.

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