Nintendo’s newest handheld to have 3D capabilities

Nintendo 3dS

Right on the coattails of E3, geeks everywhere have been rejoicing and reveling in all the new gadgets and games coming to fruition in the next few years. Perhaps the most exciting news for Nintendo junkies was the announcement of the game giant’s follow up to the Nintendo DS…

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…the Nintendo “3DS.” Ah, how clever.

Apparently this little wonder is in many ways similar to its predecessor, with the key difference being the ability to display in true stereoscopic 3D, without the help of any goofy looking glasses. Not to mention the addition of not one, not two but three cameras, to of course allow the unit to take 3D photos.

Once again, Nintendo will be facing off in the upcoming war of the handhelds against Sony, who are developing an adversary for the “3DS” known now as “PSP-4000.”

There’s no word yet on whether or not Sony’s newest toy will be riding the old 3D bandwagon. It may be a good idea for them not to, because even with a possible 2011 release date for both consoles, how much time is it really going take to create a screen that can display true stereoscopic 3D images without burning though our retinas? People have already complained of eye strain after long periods using today’s glasses-laden 3D TVs, allowing the stock of the whole 3D trend to dip slightly.

As cool as a glasses-less 3D screen would be on a handheld, stereoscopic 3D technology is certainly not perfect yet and still may not be by 2011. On the other hand, if the technology works, Nintendo will be able to take full advantage of it. They just have to tread lightly because, well…anyone remember the Virtual Boy?

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