Nikon Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary With a Video Highlighting Its History

Celebrating a century of image making.


Nikon is set to celebrate the 100th anniversary this year, as proudly announced by Nikon Singapore Pte. Ltd. Since its establishment as Nippon Kogaku K.K. in 1917, Nikon has provided the world with optoelectronic, imaging and precision technologies that have become a staple in photography.

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To kick off celebrations, the company released a video that showcases its rich and important history and contribution to photography. Additionally, Nikon launched an anniversary site that features a timeline of the company’s achievements. Check out the video above and let us know what you think.

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  1. Nikon will celebrate its centenary on July 25, 2017. Since its inception as Nippon Kogaku Kogyo in 1917, Nikon has provided the world optoelectronic unique and high – precision technology.

    From Nikon we sincerely thank the support received to date in the development of the company during these 100 years. Many thanks to all the loyal consumers and to all the people who have contributed to our success.

    As part of the celebrations of this centenary, we have presented a special area within our website and a commemorative logo.


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