I’ve had the pleasure to use the Nexus 6 as my daily driver for about 2 months now, which is a long time to form an opinion about a device. With my 2 months with the device I’m mostly happy with it. There are some things I don’t like and there are many things that I love about this device. Before I get into exacts, and for those who have been living under a rock, here’s what Google’s Nexus 6 packs.

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The Google Nexus 6 is basically a supersized version of the new Moto X running Android Lollipop. Android Lollipop is  the best Android to date, its colorful Material Design interface really shines on the 6 inch Nexus beast. Thanks to the Snapdragon 805 processor coupled with 3GB of RAM, the Nexus 6 allows you to move between apps like it’s nobody’s business. Seriously, this phone is fast. Really fast. Oh and, really big. It comes with a huge 6 inch AMOLED screen with a 1440 x 2560 screen resolution and packs about 493 pixels per inch. Needless to say, the screen is absolutely stunning. Powering this beast of a phone is a non-removable 3220 mAh Li-Po battery. You can get the device in two colours, Midnight Blue or Cloud White. I purchased the 32GB Midnight Blue version.

Due to its size, the Nexus 6 may not be for everyone, especially if you like to walk around texting with one hand. Also, the price is steep compared to previous Nexus devices ($749 for 32GB and $799 for the 64GB version).

Now, let’s get into the good, the bad, and the ugly of this device.

Nexus 6 – The Good

The Nexus 6 features a very nice curvy body which feels great on the hand. Though it’s expensive, the phone is very well built and beautifully designed. Due to the size of the phone it’s nearly impossible to use the Nexus 6 with one hand. Unless you have huge hands you can say good bye to one-hand texting with the Nexus 6. Besides the feel in the hand, I love the stereo speakers, they are loud and clear. Best speakers I’ve seen on a phone to date. I can’t pick between the Nexus 6 speakers and the HTC one M8 speakers. I haven’t had the chance to compare them side by side. With the speaker volume on max, it will cover a medium sized room. It also helps that they’re front facing; you really get the stereo effect.

I’m a big fan of the design of the phone; especially that Motorola “M” dimple at the back of the phone. I find myself resting my finger there when I’m taking a call. Talking about taking a call, the call quality on the Nexus 6 is very good, I have no complaints in that department. Signal strength on Motorola devices has always been amazing, and the Nexus 6 once again, proves that. Being with Wind Mobile in Toronto, it’s hard to get adequate signal when you’re outside the city, but with the Nexus 6 I was able to get better reception than most phones. Even, the OnePlus one.

Another huge improvement that Google made to the Nexus line with the N6 is in the camera department. The N6 features the best camera I’ve seen on the Nexus line. Coming from a OnePlus one, I could say that the cameras are very similar in quality and color reproduction. However, I do wish that Google would update the camera software on vanilla Android. The 13MP shooter on the Nexus 6 is very good and in my opinion, it’s the software that’s holding it back. Oh and, 4K recording is awesome, we all know that. Below you can see some sample pictures.

You’re probably reading and asking yourself, what about turbo charge? Well, let me tell you, there’s only one word for turbo charge, it’s simply the best thing ever; that wasn’t one word…oh, well. Google didn’t lie why they said you can get 6 hours of use from 15 minutes of charging. It’s true. Turbo charge really works. You are however going to need the OEM charger that comes in the box for it to work.

Another thing I love about the phone is Android Lollipop. Lollipop is the biggest Android update to date; material design is amazing and the new added features of Lollipop makes the Nexus 6 really fun to use. Andorid Lollipop is packed with features, the biggest would be interactive lockscreen. You can interact with your notifications right on the lockscreen which is nice. Another feature that sticks out is the quick settings panel which is two swipes away on the notification bar. The quick settings are now toggles, you can turn off your wifi, your Bluetooth right from the quick settings. This is very handy. The new added features on Android 5.0 is a big list, it may require it’s own blog post.  Android 5.0 looks and feels amazing and instead of talking about how Android Lollipop looks, I’ll just put some screenshots below:

Android Lollipop, no doubt looks great but there are some bugs that annoyed me. We’ll discuss those in the next section.

Nexus 6 – The bad

Being a total Nexus fanboy, I almost don’t want to write anything here; but, it has to be done. Coming from a OnePlus One; a 5’5 inch phone running CyanogenMod, I thought I would be able to get used to the size of the N6 since I got used to the OnePlus One size pretty fast. Guess what? I’m still getting used to handling the Nexus 6. This could be because I have really small hands, but hey, can you blame me? Don’t get me wrong, I love this device and don’t mind using two hands. But the phone is so big that

When I’m in bed using my phone, I’m always afraid that it will fall on my face and break it or something.

Android 5.0 is beautiful and bug free for the most part; but, there is this one bug which has been annoying me since day one. When I’m on the recent apps screen and I clear all the apps and go back to the recent apps screen, apps like “android system”, “phone” keep showing up, even though, these apps aren’t running. When you tap on the app you get a message that reads “App not found”. I can recreate the bug almost all the time. It’s small and I’m sure there’s a software fix for it. Here’s what I mean:

Let’s talk about battery for a while. As mentioned earlier, the Nexus 6 comes with a 3220 mAh battery, which lasts you the whole day for the most part. With that being said, I’ve been experiencing inconsistent battery life with the Nexus 6. Some days I’ll be getting 3.5h to 4h or screen on time and other days I get 1.5 to 2.5 hours of screen on time. The latter is with light usage, which seems really weird to me. Nonetheless, I didn’t need to plug in my device in the middle of the day. It always got me through the day, which is all I need from a phone. If you’re coming from an OnePlus One or even a Moto G, don’t expect the Nexus 6 to give you 6-7 hours of screen on time. You can see some of my batter usage stats below.

Nexus 6 – The Ugly

This is going to be a small section, there’s not much to hate about this device. Except that, the back of the phone is a HUGE finger print magnet. If you’re like me, with an oily hand looking at the back of the phone at the end of the day can really piss you off. This is something that can simply be fixed if you use a case or one of the beautiful skins from Dbrand.

Nexus 6 – The verdict

Is this phone worth the buy? In short, yes. If you’re a fan of pure Android and you don’t mind the size of the phone, by all means, head over to the play store and order one for yourself. I’m sure you’ll be happy with it. I’ve been asked to rate this phone out of 10 every time someone sees it, so here you go. I give the Nexus 6 a firm 8.5/10!

Let me know what you think about the Nexus 6, do you have it? Are you planning to buy it? Also, if you have any questions about the phone leave a comment below and I will try my best to answer you

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