New Monkey Species Discovered


A new primate has been discovered in Africa, marking only the second time in almost 3 decades such a discovery has been made.

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The Lesula Monkey (Cercopithecus lomamiensis) was discover in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and stands as a rarity, as discoveries of new mammals is a rarity

The new species lives in both trees and on the ground, and appears to be confined to a 6,500 square mile parcel of land, in a lowland rainforest bordered by two rivers

The monkeys seem to live in small groups of between 5 and 10, and during 8 encounters only one solitary primate was seen. In one sighting, researchers saw a Crowned Eagle attack and kill a female Lesula Monkey

There are already fears the primates small distribution and population could threaten the species. Although the habitat of the primate is sparsely inhabited and remote, the monkey is hunted for bushmeat. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has provisionally labelled the primate as threatened.

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