New Mailbox app for Gmail to be rolled out.


A new GMail app for the iPhone aims to transform the email experience by helping users to have a fully processed and empty inbox.

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The Mailbox app, which launched this month, is rolling out invitations to people waiting in line. The outdated ways of dealing with email seem to be almost over as there is an excitement for this app can be seen by the people waiting in line.

The ability to “snooze” an email or rather defer it to another time, is one of the main features of the app. The ability to wait to send an email until a particular time, when it’s needed to be sent and better when it’s more appropriate to be sent.

The app is working to decide whether one should deal with the emails they have directly at that moment, later or just never. There would also be more use of the gestural swipes for quickly archiving, deleting and filling messages, or adding them to lists such as “to read” or “to buy”.

This would be brought to users by the same company that created the to-do list app Orchestra and would use the system rules of “do it, delegate it, defer it, and drop it” to help people maintain empty inboxes.

This will however require the user to constantly review folders where tasks are stored for future reference. This means that the Mailbox app provides push notifications for emails that have been snoozed on the day when they are more relevant.

The company is rolling out invitations for the app daily, but cannot provide specific timelines. The wait is in place to maintain stability of the system, which presents more of a difficulty than the run of the mill apps.

In the meantime, a countdown in the app keeps people in line up-to-date on where they stand. The app provides many new features over the native iPhone mail app, however you can’t multi-edit or multi-delete emails.

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