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New Colourful Species of Crayfish Discovered in Indonesia

New Colourful Species of Crayfish Discovered in Indonesia

Nature has always managed to amaze us with its colourful displays, and a new species of crayfish is no different.  Crayfish are generally brown, red, or another bland colour, and look like tiny lobsters. Crayfish tend to even be served by the bucket with a variety of seasoning. They are even often used as bait to catch larger fish.  A new species of crayfish, called Cherax pulcher, are much pretier than the standard, and are even being kept as pets, and are often on display at aquariums.

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This species has been discovered fresh water of Hoa Creek which is near village Teminabuan in the southern-central part of the Kepala Burung Peninsula of West Papua, Indonesia. The Cherax comes in at least two different colours: white, blue and violet; or greenish-gray. The males grow slightly larger than the females, 93 millimetres vs 90 millimetres, so there is very little in reality.  In fact, pulcher is Latin for beautiful. The new species was described in ZooKeys last week.

These crayfish have been popular in the ornamental fish trade around the world, including Europe, North America, and Asia.  It might seem odd that, but they are not the only crustacean to be sold, another species known as vampire crabs, have very colourful claws and bodies with extremely yellow eyes, giving it the creepy ‘vampire’ look. It is only a matter of time until a new colourful crustacean is discovered.

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