New Apple TV Ad is All About the Apps

Apple TV App Store

Apple has dropped a new TV ad for its venerable Apple TV.  Previous ads saw the set-top box make an appearance, but the focus was not on the content.  This time, the ad is about Apps and (supposedly) the Apple TV App Store, and this is an important and notable shift for a few reasons.  Apple used its Apps as leverage when they first introduced the 3rd Gen Apple TV, but does a TV app store actually make any sense?

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When you buy any connected box, its become an expectation that users can stream content from the likes of Netflix, HBO, Hulu among others, while supporting a movie purchase/renting digital store, such as iTunes, Amazon Video, or Google Play.  Where does that leave the Apps on your mobile devices?

What does that leave Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pocket, NatGeo, and Candy Crush?

Apple TV App Store

Its obvious the Apple TV store won’t have as many apps as the iOS App Store, and that’s probably for the better.  People are already paying for services like HBO Go, and service providers should have apps on the Apple TV store, if they know what is good for their own futures.  These apps will always have a home, but that could leave indie startups and out-of-the-box developers out in the cold.

The Apple TV Store is made for the big cable companies

What about Games

apple-tv Apple-TV-The-Future-of-TV-is-Apps

It’s probably too early to wonder about the Apple TV becoming a gaming platform, but the potential cannot be denied.  The largest category on the Apple TV store as of now is games, and its possible that many developers are holding off for a bigger user base before moving from Mobile devices to Living Rooms.

Apple clearly believes the future of the TV lies in apps.  Currently, the Apple TV is all about free apps made by big content companies.  The real test will be a check back in a couple of months to look at the numbers behind the Apple TV Store and where the small developers are, if they come aboard.

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