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National Geographic’s Newest Photographers Are Robots

National Geographic’s Newest Photographers Are Robots

National Geographic photographers are a brave bunch.  They photograph Lion, Tiger and Bear from mere feet away, risking life and limb for that next iconic shot.  But a couple of newcomers at National Geographic have started getting a lot of the riskier assignments.  Meet NatGeo’s Robot Photographers.

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Built by SuperDroid Robots, the chief camera robot is constructed like a miniature tank.

SuperDroid usually builds bomb-disposal robots, so this little guy is beyond lion-proof.  The second robot cameraman is a MikroKopter, which is used to capture some very cool aerial shots.

Meet National Geographic’s New Robot Photographers

While some say it takes away from that human element of photography, it can get shots that humans simply cant – or wouldn’t dare – get.

They could be used in War Zones, without risking human life, and while the Lions know the cameras are around and react to them, they robots still manage to get close than a human could.

[National Geographic via IEEE Spectrum]


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