NASA To Place Ad in Star Trek Movie For Real-Life Starfleet.


Just as life imitates art, Star Trek has become a signpost, a highly held idea of where we can be in space.  Warp Drives, Replicators and Transporters are giving way to Ion Trusters, 3D Printers and Quantum Entanglement.  In Star Trek’s new movie, NASA has stuck a trailer hoping to stoke some young minds.

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Resulting from an IndieGoGo campaign, $30,000 USD was raised and will go towards taking last year’s “We are the Explorers” 3minute film and turn it into a 30 second spot for NASA.  The spot will be directed and put together by the Aerospace Industries Association, who phrased the goal this way:

“By backing this 30 second trailer in the top movie theater markets around the United States, you can show our students and young people that we’re in an exciting new era of space exploration. Now is the time to reach them – to remind them that an inspiring space program awaits, one that is worthy of their ambition.”

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