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NanoBots Rising: Is this the Dawn of the Machine Age?

NanoBots Rising:  Is this the Dawn of the Machine Age?
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Nanobots.  Tiny little robots running around fixing up wires, cars, and even the human body.  This really does sound like Science Fiction and something that would be better suited to the pages of our partner site but in reality its nothing more than Science and it’s natural evolution and advancement.

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It seems that we’ve finally gotten to the stage where we can utilize these tiny little machines to help save a life and while there are obvious (scary) scenarios where they end up taking over the world (i.e. Chriton’s – Prey, Ringo’s – Von Neumann’s War & even some Twilight Zone episodes), the potential that they offer is nothing short of miraculous.

The current project / test case underway to utilize a Nanobot or two in a late stage leukemia patient – someone expected to die within 6 months anyways – and by using these machines which have been successful in animal trials its expected that the patient will have a full recovery within 1 month.

If this works, Nanobots could be potentially life-altering for millions of people around the world.

According to World Health Organization stats from 2012, cancer is one of the leading cause of death globally with 8.2 million deaths and over 14.1 million new cases reported annually. In Canada alone, nearly 30% of all deaths are caused by cancer with an estimated 191,300 new cases of cancer expected in 2014.

how nanobots work
How a swimming NanoBot works

Nanobots have the potential to change how humans age, move, and exists.  When they come, would you let them hack you?

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