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6 degrees of Black sabbath

Have you ever wondered if there’s a connection between Taylor Swift and Kanye West outside of the award show fiasco? How about the musical connection between Taylor Swift and Black Sabbath, one of the most connected bands out there according to Six Degrees of Black Sabbath.

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Much in the same vain of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Six Degrees of Black Sabbath is a web-app that connects the world of music from person to person with a “six degrees of separation” type methodology. The key difference between 6DOBS and 6DOKB is that the music-based app doesn’t just connect everyone to one individual but instead connects (almost) the entire music community.

On a basic level, the app essentially till take two different musicians or bands of your choice and find out how they are connected through various circumstances.

There are over 130,000 artist-to-artist connections within the app, and it connects based on information like band membership, personal relationship, collaborations, etc. It pulls most of this data from, which houses a lot of the pertinent data of how artist are connected on the various levels mentioned.


At its core, the app starts with a list of it’s known artists, what kind of relationship they have, and how the relationship is weighted. For example, two members of the same band have a stronger connection than two artists who have just collaborated on a song. Within the process of connecting the two entered values, the app references a graph of all of its data that finds the shortest weighted path between two artists.

The app was written in python and used software called NetworkX to build the artist graph and find the best paths between artists. The most well connected bands and musicians became evident in the process, and as thorough as the app already is, user submissions have made it more and more robust over time.

Why don’t you try it out and link us to the craziest connection you found in the comments below.

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