With Netflix its become much to easy to watch some of the best (and unfortunately some of the worst) SciFi movies simply and at a minimal cost.  While not a classic by any means, The One has a certain charm to it.  Its an old school action movie in the style of the 80’s (although it was made in 2001) and has enough new “The Matrix” style action elements to it to ensure that it will appeal to movie goer’s from this generation also.

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The “science” in this scifi movie is based on the concept of multiverses.  As per the brief explanation provided, when a blackhole explodes, it creates an identical spin-off universe at that point in time.  Everything in that universe – including everyone – is duplicated and the “energy” is shared out.  However when some of the universes discover  “quantum tunneling” to transition from one universe to another an agency is created to police each universe of this multiverse.


Unfortunately however … one of the officers of this force inadvertently kills one of his own copies in another universe … this accident has unfortunate consequences and Gabriel Yulaw discovers that he is stronger, faster and smarter than he was before.  Realizing the effect that killing his copies has, Yulaw continues his rampage from universe to universe, progressively getting stronger and faster in each one.

After 123 murders, Yulaw is one step away from becoming “The One” however in the final universe Gabe Law is also an officer of the law.  The universe that Gabe Law inhabits however is unaware of the multiverse and when Yulaw arrives to kill Gabe Law, Gabe is mistaken for Yulaw and is hunted by the policemen that he previously considered his colleagues.

Tracking Yulaw from universe to universe however is Agent Evan Funsch (Jason Stratham) … partnering up with Gabe Law, Funsch and Gabe track down Yulaw in an abandoned factory/warehouse.

After several huge and very cinematic battles between Yulaw and Gabe, Gabe is finally able to defeat Yulaw.  Transported back to Funsch’s universe Yulaw is finally transported to the prison planet in the Hades Universe.  Both Gabe and Yulaw however still have the power of 120+ universes split between themselves and while neither is “The One”, they are each the most powerful ones around.  Gabe is reunited with his murdered wife in another universe and Yulaw while a prisoner is destined to rule that world.


While you might think that The One refers to Highlander and its overall premise (we’ll talk later about the movies in that universe!) this film while similar in its promise of power to the eventual victor removes the question of immortality and gods and shifts the focus to science (of a sort).

I think I mentioned this from the beginning, this isn’t the best movie in the world, however it does have its elements and sequences that definitely make it worth watching.  The whole sequence in the factory is really well done and the fight sequence with the sparks falling down is cool also as is the final sequence on the prison planet (my son was cheering at this point)!  Some sillier episodes are when Yulaw uses the motorcycles to hit the police officer (you’ll need to see it to believe it!) and unfortunately some of the episodes where he’s fighting himself.

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