The Moto 360 is quite possibly the single most spoken of Android Wear smart watch on the web. Reason being mainly due to the fact that it sports a circular display unlike its competitors, LG G watch and the Samsung Gear live. The Moto 360 keeps the classical wrist watch appearance yet, offers features that go far beyond that of a normal wrist watch.

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No doubt, the watch looks amazing, but Android Wear smartwatches are still a first gen product. Initial reviews of the watches suggest that the smartwatch industry is going in the right direction. With that being said, it might be wise to hold off purchasing an Android Wear smartwatch.

There are still many things that we are not sure about for the upcoming Android watches.

What time is it?

For example, we don’t know the battery life and the hardware durability of the watches that are in the market and the watches that will come out in the future. Even then, I think the Moto 360 will be a big hit; it might even be Motorola’s next Razr.

I guess September 4th will tell.

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