More Than 150 New Emojis Will Arrive This Year


Following the success of Animojis — even Gucci made its ownApple is set to add more than 150 new emojis over the course of the year. According to the Unicode Consortium, a body that maintains the standard for coding and symbols, the new wave of emojis has been finalized and will arrive on iPhones in the second half of 2018.

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Although the current images are only samples, the overall list is final. The 157 emojis include everything from female superheroes and new hairstyles to added animals including lobsters, llamas and kangaroos. In terms of new facial emojis, the list will feature hot and cold faces, as well as a “woozy” face and a “partying” face.

There’s no official confirmation on when they will arrive, but Unicode reports that new waves of emojis typically arrive in August or September. You can watch a rundown of the all new emojis above. The new emojis come shortly after Apple reported its highest ever first quarter earnings.

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