Monster’s Lawsuit Against Beats by Dre Is Thrown out of Court

Things are not going in Monster’s favor.

monster-beats-lawsuit-dismissed-1 beats by Dre

An LA court has dismissed the case Monster filed against Beats by Dre.  In the suit, Monster accused Beats of making questionable deals in an attempt to end it’s partnership with Monster.  They also accuse Beats of blocking Noel Lee, the founder of Monster, of share value ahead of the acquisition of Beats by Apple.

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Founder Noel Lee previousl held a 5 perfect stake in Beats by Dre, as part of the partnership between Beats and Monster.  Lee claimes that Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine had an under-the-table deal with HTC, which brought down the Monster-Beats partnership.  The judge presiding over the suit was clear in his statement – there was an agreement in place between Monster and Beats that explicitly allowed Beats to sever ties without seeking permission. 

A scheduled court date in September is still happening though — but it’s now limited to Beats’ bid to recoup legal costs.

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