MIT Publishes 10 Breakthrough Technologies List For 2018

Including artificial embryos, genetic fortune-telling and more.


For the past 17 years MIT Technology Review has published a list of the “10 Breakthrough Technologies” for the forthcoming year. Two key benchmarks for defining “breakthrough” is mass commercial use and foreseeable mass commercial adoption.

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Some results for 2018 were predictable, namely, “3D Metal Printing” — resulting in cheaper products due to lower manufacturing costs, “Cryptography” — providing identity privacy thanks to cryptographic solutions like zero-knowledge proof led by developers at Zcash, and “Artificial Intelligence” — widespread adoption will be aided by machine-learning systems to quicken AI implementation so systems become less reliant on humans to evolve. Others include “Sensing City,” which will bless inhabitants with omni-autonomous tech to improve lifestyle, think robots delivering mail and air quality improvement, and “Genetic Report Cards” offering birth DNA report cards predicting a child’s disposition to health problems.

Read over the list below and let us know if it’s what you expected. For a full brief, head over to MIT Technology Review.

“10 Breakthrough Technologies 2018”

3-D Metal Printing
Artificial Embryos
Sensing City
AI For Everybody
Dueling Neural Networks
Babel-Fish Earbuds
Zero-Carbon Natural Gas
Perfect Online Privacy
Genetic Fortune-Telling
Materials’ Quantum Leap

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