If you really want music all throughout your house without going to the cost and trouble of an expensive speaker setup, “Plug + Enjoy” will solve all your problems.  These little speakers sit on electrical outlets and include FM receivers designed to pick up signals from iPods and Smartphones with FM Transmitters.

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The concept, envisioned by designer Jinseup Ted Shin is simple to work.  Turn the knob until you find a signal, wait for it to lock in, then turn to adjust the volume.

Its a great sounding concept, but my experience with FM Transmitters – mostly from my pre-bluetooth-in-cars days – always proves that FM transmit crap soon.  Merge that with a speaker the size of a plug and I’m not expecting to musically power a major-rager anytime soon.  All I can imagine is this tiny thin sound being muffled by the desk or sofa.

It was a nice idea.

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